Children's Ministries

Kids Church
The church of Today and Tomorrow!

At Full Gospel Temple our goal is to teach and train young people to be confident and happy.  We care that your children receive the best and accomplish the most.  We want to help parents instill good values, and Christ-centered purpose in the hearts of our children!

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 Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights are a fun time for the kids in our children's church!!  Spirit-filled worship, puppet shows, stories, and games.  Your children will love a church that meets them on their level...Radically cool man!!


Noahs Room

Our Noah's room is fully staffed and prepared to teach your young child the Word of God every Sunday morning, and Wednesday nights.

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Our Nursery is staffed for your toddler, while you enjoy the services, you can rest assured that your child is being taken care of...what a blessing!

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