Faith Outreach Missions International

Mark 16:15 = And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

"If you can't go, send someone in your place."

The Full Gospel Temple family thanks you for supporting our Missionaries!


Our Goal is to Win 1 Million souls

for the Kingdom of God!


715,411 souls won!

Our Missionary outreaches are going to every continent on the earth, preaching salvation through Jesus Christ. 


Belize Missions Outreach

Helping children ~ Families ~ Feeding the hungry

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Building Churches, Bible Schools, Children's Ministry

Pastors and Leadership Conferences

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Over 300 souls won and counting! 


Bill Wilson and Metro Ministries

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Metro Ministries is a Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to serving inner city children throughout the five boroughs of New York City and in various urban centers around the world. The organization was established in 1980 and has been serving low-income, inner city children and their families for the past 27 years.

Our mission is to find and rescue inner city children in urban environments often plagued by poverty, violence, drugs, crime, and hopelessness. We offer programs designed to prevent children who are growing up in unfavorable settings from becoming mere products of their environments.

We seek to bring hope to urban children through faith based and character education while addressing issues such as hunger, AIDS awareness, and child abuse. Metro Ministries is currently the world's largest Sunday School serving over 42,000 children with Sunday School services, child sponsorship, special programs, and personal home visits on a weekly basis.

 Over 100,000 souls saved in 10 years with our help!


New Creations Chapel ~ Teens Outreach/files/Misc. Images/headernew creations.jpg

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Troubled teens in transition come to our Christian Boarding School from all over the world. We maintain separate facilities for girl and boy resident students. The purpose of this program is to restore the child to his or her family in a Christ centered manner. Our fulltime, live-in staff works with the students through counseling, helping with homework, teaching responsibility, and discipling them in the Word of God. New Creations boarding school enrolls students ages 12-17. We provide Christ centered training, education and counseling. Our boarding school curriculum affords every student a uniquely tailored schedule of classes.

Over 10,000 souls saved in 20 years with our help! 


  Pastors Larry and Angela Keeton

Pastoring in Poland

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Now in our fifteenth year in eastern Europe, our focus has been to train national ministers and to plant new churches. We have pioneered and pastored churches in the Czech Republic and Poland and have also established Domata Bible schools in both nations. To date, more than 325 graduates of these two schools have started seventeen new churches and serve in many capacities of local church ministry in nine nations of the world. This year we will be launching a weekly Christian drama series on Polish secular television, aimed at bringing in a harvest of new births.

 Over 8,000 souls won for Christ!


 The Tharp Family

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/files/Misc. Images/aTharps.jpgMissionaries to the British Isles.

Marty and Sharon Tharp have spent many years evangelizing Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.

They have had tremendous success in the schools, having a profound effect on the youth. Brother Marty has an anointing of the Lord that enables him to connect to the children and youth of the British Isles in a very special way.

Full Gospel Temple is very pleased to support their efforts! It has been said that "Britain is the doorway to evangelizing Europe".

Over 20,000 souls won for Christ!

May God Bless the Tharp Family!

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 Missionary to Mexico

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Sister Juanita Harty

Sister Harty is a blessing to the people of Mexico!

She not only ministers the Word of God to these wonderful people, but she lives, eats, and works with the people she helps. In a country where the climate reaches over one hundred degrees nearly year-round, her labor for the Lord can be quite difficult. The family of Full Gospel Temple are honored to support her efforts and sacrifice for the kingdom of God!

May God continue to bless Sister Juanita Harty!

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 Missionaries to Haiti

John and Joyce Hanson

/files/Misc. Images/haiti-1.jpg/files/Misc. Images/john Hanson.jpg 

The Hanson's have spent much of their lives evangelizing and ministering to the people of Haiti. They feed and care for 2800 children, providing an education, home, clothing, food, and most of all teaching them the Word of the Lord.

Over 35,500 souls won for Christ!

                     May God richly bless the Hanson's!


Missionary to India, Africa, and Eastern/Central Europe

/files/Misc. Images/bulgaria 2.jpg  /files/Misc. Images/india 2.jpg  /files/Misc. Images/russian-federation.jpg  /files/Misc. Images/ukraine 2.jpg    Flag of Romania  /files/Misc. Images/czech-republic.jpg  /files/Misc. Images/kenya 2.jpg  /files/Misc. Images/nigeria.jpg

  /files/Misc. Images/fiddlers.jpgRev. Harley Fiddler

Reverend Fiddler has evangelized both India, Africa, and Eastern/Central Europe for many years. His main emphasis is the building of churches and providing bible training to local pastors. International Focus ministries supports these local pastors financially and materially so the gospel of Jesus Christ may reach throughout their countries and continents.

Over 110,000 souls won for Christ!

May God continue to bless Bro. Harley Fiddler!


Evangelist David Nunn
Bible Revival Evangelistic Association

/files/Misc. Images/david nunn.jpgReverend David Nunn's ministry began during the healing revival of the 1940's and 50's where he traveled the United States holding great tent meetings. During this time and through out his ministry he traveled the world for over 50 years holding great crusades in Europe, Central and South America, India, and Africa.  His crusades would draw tens of thousands of people.  Many thousands were saved, healed, and delivered.  Miracles would abound in his meetings as the Spirit of the Lord directed.  It has been documented that over one million people gave their hearts to the Lord in the 50 years of crusades and missions work.  Though David Nunn has gone to be with the Lord his ministry continues with his sons Tommy Nunn and David P. Nunn.   Full Gospel Temple began supporting his ministry during the 1960's and continues to present.  His ministry believes more than 400,000 souls were won to Christ during this period.

God Bless David Nunn and his family!

400,000 souls won for Christ
with our help!